security bolt

Anyone know where to get the tool to remove a slotted reverse security bolt ? I need to remove the security bars on several windows. Thanks :slight_smile:

Many, and I mean many, of the routine questions that get posted on this BB can easily be found on Google simply by typing the question in. i.e. “security bolt removal” and viola you have hundreds if not thousands of resources at your fingertips. Glad I could help.

When I have had to remove these, I use a Dremel tool with a thin cutting wheel and a steady hand.

Cut a new slot and use a flat blade screw driver.

I have done this for years with security screws of many types.

Thank You for the reply, I am thinking that cutting the slot will work best

Make sure you where your safety glasses as these cutting disks are very fragile and break if moved sideways.

I buy them 36 at a time. You also need the correct mandrel to mount them.

The more careful you are the longer they last.