Security Deposit Inspections

There are some advertising to do inspections for property managers to help in determining the conditions of the propery for security deposit disposition. Are any of you doing this and if so, I would expect the inspection may be limited to living spaces not to include system inspections or elements like the structure, roof, etc that a full building inspection would encompass. So do you use a revised scope of inspection agreement? Has anyone heard of any legal action defended by an inspection of this sort? Any thoughts? It sounds sensible to me but not being a lawyer how do you keep yourself out of trouble on paper?

Not much of a market for it and your fee is going to be minor in the range of a draw.
I doubt it is worth sweating over.

Just document living space and exterior doors.

Think about walls and hardware.
Comment on condition and your done.

Not a good gig, as the property manager/owner wants you to “validate” their with holding of deposits, which most “try” to do any way, for no reason.

What you have to ask yourself, what was the condition of the property PRIOR to move in? Did the management company address any problems/complaints of the tennant? Does the property company/owner show and "pride of ownership in the property?

As a contractor, doing many a repair on rentals, I was approached by my “cash cow” landlord customer to “validate” his with holding of deposits. I refused to do so, as I knew he was a “slum lord”, I lost a good paying client. so be it, and looking back, I still wonder if he is still withholding deposits for the same problem/“damage”

Unless you knew the “condition” of the rental prior to your inspection, how can you judge its current state of condition and who caused it???

My opinion, stay away, unless you “validate” the management company position, you will have lost any further business anyway. If you attempt to “validate” their position, you could make a fool of yourself in court if the right questions are asked. To me, the DOWNSIDE of this far outways the UPSIDE!