See Anything Wrong (Hialeah's Best)

Here is one for the books! or should I say, see anything right!

I hoped you noted the frying pan handle turned out,

Hey thats my house!!

I wounder whats in the file cabinet??

You gotta love Hialeah.

Who is Hialeah.?

Looks like the perfect office to me.

Cable TV with a hanging antenna configuration in case you forget to pay the bill,A nice cold fridge, and cooking facilities all right at your office desk.

Must be heaven.
(heck it even has a modern sloped ceiling)

MAN CAVE…that should be updated but still just fine in my book. :slight_smile:

My impression after reading the wiki, is that this may be an overcrowded home with Cuban immigrants renting the basement.

Is that the case?


You almost hit the nail on the head. There are very few homes in Hialeah that have less than 7 cars in the driveway. Whole families and friends live together. There is not a house in this city that does not have an un-permitted addition. 90% of the work done on these homes is done “the way they do it back home”.

No basements.

That is correct my friends, think of it as the building violation capital of the US… You guys should of seen the illegal kitchen in the second floor check out the romex running on the outside of the wall from outlet to outlet…

Bob, You sure nailed it dead center…

Many pockets in Chicago may be similar.
In Chicago the neighborhood with the Most Mexican-Americans would be compatible.
Here it is referred to as little village.

Chicago is extremely diverse and has pockets of everything.
That’s what makes it interesting.

Our ethnic pockets are just much larger and would be considered a small city if not interconnected.

Viaducts seem to be the unofficial borders when traveling from one ethnic or financial makeup district to another.