See anything wrong in this INACHI Graphic

Give this image a look and see if YOU can find the problems in this image that is online.


No gas shut-off valve
No water shut-off valve
Water heater not 18" off ground
and gas line right in front of electric service

Might be worth mentioning that the term “gas pipe grounding” is dangerously wrong, although gas pipe bonding is required under most codes



No flue

Correct Ed I was just going to edit my post to reflect that but you beat me to it :wink:


Panel mounted to the gas pipe is funny:)

Looks like foreign systems in the workspace requirements of Article 110.

Well…First the heading of the graphic is “Frightening” and “Incorrect”

You do not GROUND the gas line…You may Bond to it in accordance with NEC 250.104…but it has not been used for any grounding purposes since the 1965 NEC.

The gas line is not actually running to the electrical panel, but it is indeed running in front of it which presents an issue with working space clearance as well and does create a safety concern…big time.

Anyone see some others…:wink: “Wink Wink”

Paul… for the sake of discussion and education… would it be an issue if the gas line wasbehind the electrical panel?

Hot & cold water pipes are not bonded across the water heater

Sure…I always love me some education time…:wink:

well I still have a problem with the title of this graphic so i can’t work my way around that bad taste. ( P.S. All graphics should be REVIEWED for accurancy before making them available to members…saves issues ) If the working space no longer becomes an issue and lets say it is not a dedicated equipment space issue then I fall back to NEC 250.104 and ask myself…“Self…is that gas line likely to become energized” and I would answer my self and say " Self…based on THIS image I would say it could on the premise of the location itself. So with that said NEC 250.104 kicks in…now lets look at NEC 250.104(B)…Now look at the code refence below and tell me does the connections shown ( assuming no electric ignition to the water heater with an EGC is provided since it is not shown )…does it STILL comply if behind the panel?

**[FONT=Times New Roman]size=2 Other Metal Piping. **[/size][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]Where installed in or attached to
a building or structure, a metal piping system(s), including
gas piping, that is likely to become energized shall be
**bonded **to the service equipment enclosure, the grounded
conductor at the service, the grounding electrode conductor
where of sufficient size, or the one or more grounding electrodes
used. The bonding jumper(s) shall be sized in accordance
with 250.122, using the rating of the circuit that is
likely to energize the piping system(s). The equipment
grounding conductor for the circuit that is likely to energize
the piping shall be permitted to serve as the bonding means.
The points of attachment of the bonding jumper(s) shall be


Ok…let me be clear. I did not post this to RAG on images. I used it to present condition to which the title itself was incorrect and in doing so allow YOU the student ( myself included in that YOU ) to learn from the image. For all i know that was the actual intent of the image…:wink:

Hi, Everyone –

Kate the Editor here…

Thanks for all your input about this graphic.

Our goal with all our courses and publications is to present accurate information (obviously), so please contact me or Nick directly via email (I’m at if you find any problems so that we can address and rectify these issues as soon as possible.

Nick & Crew have been out of town all week at the ICC Convention, and I just happened to check out this Forum discussion, which is something I actually rarely do because of my workload. We are in the process of re-printing our HVAC book in which this graphic appears, so the timing was great, but we almost didn’t find out about it!

We appreciate everyone’s eagle eye and expertise – that’s the great thing about our members! – and we encourage you to communicate with us directly about any inaccurate information you find anywhere on our site, especially in our online courses, or in our publications, in addition to using the Forum.

Kate :wink:

The gas pipe passing through the concrete foundation wall is not sleeved (usually PVC). If you need a real honest to God photo of what that looks like let me know.

Also the water line runs over the panel

You cant tell that ed in an image like this…that would be assuming.

Kate…You know me, I am always using something as an example to educate be it right or wrong.

Hi, Guys –

Here’s the re-do of the graphic in question. Please give us your feedback on whether it’s good to go or needs more tweaking.


other than what was posted…what about the gas line that is within and blocking the work space for a panel?

The term “Ground Wire” should be* Bonding Jumper or System Bonding Jumper. *

The gas line is not the GEC.

I would use the term bonding jumper. The system bonding jumper is used to bond the neutral to the EGC in a separately derived system.

The gas pipe in the new graphic may or may not be in the working space. If it’s above 6’ 6" from the floor and has a width between the gas pipe and the water pipe of 30" or more it would not encroach on the required working space, but as it stands we’re just guessing unless the graphic contained some dimensions.