See anything wrong with this disconnect?

Hello All:

Can you spot the problem with this disconnect.

Knife Blades not going into Slots correctly I see double taps … Roy

Sounds like Roy nailed it. Blades not fully engaged and there’s definitely a problem with the neutral bar.

Come on Roy!!! What about those wrong colored wires!! :slight_smile:

Stick with the important stuff!

(good call…)

You mean that black ones on the neutral bar? :wink:

No the white ones on the fuse lugs… :wink:

Yes but 60 + years ago that was not much of a concern . Maybe they where coloured and have faded … Roy

Roy, I’m still not concerned “today” ! :-0

Actually, if you put on your glasses the white is grounded. They do not attach to a fuse as they look at first glance.

Fused neutrals…

"Fused neutrals… "; Nope, put on your specs! :wink:

Roy wins this one.
This diconnect was signed off by the AHJ.
My client walked away from the deal.
To many things wrong with the old electrical.
I like the sticker they use though.

The white conductor is not connected to the fuse, look again. When was it inspected? The fact that there is an inspection sticker may not mean much unless if was recently inspected. Anyone could have added those other conductors after it was inspected.

Thanks,…gettin’ old is still better than the alternative.:mrgreen:

Is that a service disconnect for an older fused panel?

And I dont pay any attention to approval stickers either. RM is right that it could have been modified later, and it’s also possible that the AHJ just missed stuff … :wink:

That neutral is not fused. It just disappears from view behind the fuse clip and loops around to the bar.

Fresh new stickers that AHJ just started using. Old ones are different.
There is no reason to miss the problems in this disconnect. I have watched them not even open the panel and stick a fresh sticker on the door right in front of the home owners.:shock: