See it?

See it?


Couldn’t they just talk dirty to it?


If that lower tread snaps off they will be talking dirty to it!


You playing hide and seek?..:smiley:

Toss in a couple more pic’s would you, hard to tell what you’re talking about from Arizona.

But it could be my pain pills…:shock:

If you’re talking about the Jaguar XKE…no, I don’t see it.

All I see are nails sticking through, connecting to thin air…

Measure once, cut twice…Oh, the h3ll with it! Where’s that board strecher?

The defect…

The lower end of the stringers in this staircase were supported by a double 2x6 nailed to the face of the landing platform. The stringers had 3" of bearing which would usually be OK, but the stringers weren’t notched to hang on the doubler. They were cut flat as though they were going to rest on the stair platform itself.

This left the weight of the staircase resting on the tip of the stringer, which if you follow the grain line, leads to the stringer cut-out for the tread.

Meaning that the weight of the lower end of the stringer was supported by a short traingular section of stringer that can split out easily once the wood is dry. The three 2x4’s (the near one partially hidden) that run up and down the bottom of the staircase were just drywall backng and offered no support.

Good carpentry would have meant extending that bottom riser cut, with the bottoms of the stringers resting in joist hangers nailed to the side of the platform (see drawing).

The weak area is marked in black in this photo. No center stringer, both sides the same.

Is that the new type of pre hung stringer? LOL


Thanks, I thought it was some wild “Book Shelf” you may have come across…:lol:
I never know what you may find in them hills anymore…:lol: