See photo lool, some call this 'negative-side waterproofing'

how anyone could call the junk placed on-against parts of the block wall ‘waterproofing’ is just more stupid moronic crap.

they did not ‘waterproof’ the problems, they highly likely didn’t care to identify the actual problems where the water continues to enter OR they don’t know how = incompetent.

Water is getting in through exterior cracks, cracked parging in the wall AND through openings ABOVE the block wall (see water stains UP high)

Many interior basement drainage companies these days usually cover most or all of the inside foundation wall, unlike photo, because they do not want you to SEE the water, water stains and sometimes mold, efflorescence, deteriorating blocks etc, ya dig? They don’t want anyone to know they didn’t WATERPROOF squat.

They’ll cover the inside wall (s) with ‘bright wall’ or a dimpled membrane or as in many crawlspaces, they use plastic/visqueen n they call it ‘encapsulation’. These basement n crawl wall-coverings HIDE aka conceal water still entering, mold, efflorescence etc.


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Hey Mark! I’m currently developing a system that can repair any roof leak from INSIDE of a house, there will no longer be a need to climb the dangerous slippery roof! It will all be done just by following our patent pending, easy, 1-2-3 steps. I’ll let you know when I finalize the details. You will love it, I guarantee it!

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Is it called Flex-Seal? LOL

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You just pump the house full of roofing tar! :crazy_face:

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