See you all on Wednesday in Detroit at the Inspector Marketing Seminar. …around the world and in your town.

See you There

I plan to be there too! See ya guys there.

I’ll be there too

Bobby, that’s a hike for you… no?

About a 4 hour trek around the pond :mrgreen:
Bringing the family to go up to Frankenmuth on Thursday.

Feel free to have any of them who want… to attend as my guest.

Its 4 hours for me as well. Looking forward to meeting you guys face to face. Well some of you anyway…

Might be crowded. Game 4 of the ALCS will be right down the road

You may have trouble getting a hotel, if you don’t already have one… I just bought my ticket:)

Took care of that weeks ago :cool:

Great seminar, lots of useful marketing information. Love the review of the websites. Now is time to apply some of the tips shared .
Thank you Nick & Nathan

Very informative and enjoyable evening. Well worth the drive :smiley:

Great meeting in Detroit! Have been a member for several years and picked up some tips that will be very useful to my marketing effort.