Seeing light from the Attic ...but no moisture intrusion. Question.

I looked in the Attic from the access in the Hallway. The Attic looked great with no signs of water penetration. But I did see light coming thru from a point the the Attic peak.

Would this be a concern? Roof looks good, Attic looks good.
Is seeing light coming from a point in the Attic peak a problem?


Maybe, maybe not. Depends.

Most likely from an older Ridge Vent.

What would be an acceptable write up…that informs
the client and protects myself.


I see the light. :mrgreen:

More info needed for a smarter response David. :wink:

A write up would be totally dependent on you doing a thorough eval from rooftop and attic, gathering the facts.

In this case, you may have left the job without all the facts. Can you post photos?

Would it be possible for you to go back and check again? Hopefully it’s a vacant house that you can go back to tomorrow am without anyone needing to know.

If you do this; “that informs the client” it will automaticly cause this;

Do you have a couple of good pics of the inside and exterior of the ridge in the areas that you saw the light???

Did you enter the attic, or just peek at the scuttle hole?

No pictures of the exterior of the roof. It was two story building and you
could not see the top of the house.

I looked through the attic access in the upstairs hallway…

The camera flash blocks out the light coming in the attic.


I would be scared to put anything in the report about “seeing the light”, if I didn’t get in the attic to confirm where it’s coming from. In a dark attic and properly vented (soffits,ridges,gables) you should see light.

Was attic access too dangerous??

If you could not personally access attic to get a positive view of where light maybe coming from it would be in your best interest to call it out and refer further evaluation.

Don’t care about that. Post what you got, please. You’d be surprised what ‘others’ see in a pic. There may be tell tale signs leading to a possible answer for you.

Recipe for disaster. :frowning: