Seek and ye shall find......

PB hidden in the wall above the safety shut off.
Sneaky sneaky! :smiley:

Nice catch

Whats in the box at the wall, the Manabloc?----:stuck_out_tongue:

Shut off and pressure regulator.
The condos are tricky. The stub everything out in copper, and you have to find a place to look or hunt for the PB. If you just opened the cover you would see copper and thats all. Had to stick my camera in the hole and shoot it up the wall. :stuck_out_tongue:
If it wasnt for something like that access, you would never know it was there.

Figured out one when I went to test the washer connections and the valve twisted. :shock:
I thought to myself, copper don’t twist??? Whats the deal?
I rarely find a house with the stuff but the 90’s condos around here seem to be full of it.

Sneaky! I like the close encounter with the fastener too.