Seeking Apprenticeship in DFW

Hi Everyone!

I live in DFW and I am seeking an inspector willing to take on an apprentice. I present unique situation. I am currently a home appraiser trainee, as well as an airline pilot. The home appraiser business is slow, and the licensing requirements are becoming such that it is unlikely that I will ever become a license appraiser at the rate that I’m assisting my sponsor with appraisals. I don’t have a formal education or experience in construction, however, I’m technically minded and I’m eager to learn.

Here is the unique situation. I have no desire to start my own home inspection business in the future. I simply don’t have the time to run a business (well) and do my other job. That being said, I typically have 15 days off to dedicate to home inspections and I’m willing to work very hard on my days off.

So if you’re looking to take on a apprentice and ultimately a employee, please message me or email me at

Thanks for your time everyone.