Seeking camera suggestions

I am an electrical contractor based in Illinois. I am considering expanding our services to our industrial/commercial customers to include thermal imaging of their electrical equipment.

I have looked at many cameras manufactured by Flir and Fluke. Too many choices.

Suggestions ? Recommendations ?

Also, where would we go to receive training and certification ??



I’m located in the Chicago area. Contact me and I’ll see if I can answer any questions.

It would be wise to consult with those who are already trained using a thermal camera for the application you are talking about. Also, some very good training at a class that has actual demonstrations on hand, with various cameras, would help you see what each can do. If you take advise from anyone who is not actually doing what you propose, their advise will be flawed IMHO.

Very good advice!

Will. I am in the north Chicago area (Skokie) and have helped many contractors.

I also teach a state approved course in thermal imaging and have an advanced degree and would be happy to help (no charge, but I do have some old, funky wiring in my house :mrgreen: ).

Call or e-mail me (see below).

Hope this helps;

Is anyone familiar with a Flir PM365 and how well they will work for home inspections. I have access to one if I want to buy it.


Is this the camera that’s attached to aircraft?

No, it’s a standard camera. It’s 4 years old. I have looked on line, but just cant tell much about the camera and it’s application to our line of work.