Seeking electrical information

Questions on todays inspection.

Why is a blue wire used? Breaker was marked for exterior receptacle.

The A/C 30 amp breaker is 10 gauge with the nuetral being tapped to indicate it is hot. Why doesnt this connect to the nuetral bar?

The exterior SEC had some cracking at the sheathing. Should I make a note on the report and what would the corrective action be?

I noted the excessive bend in the stove wiring before the breaker.
The evidence of rust at the conduit behind the panel towards the bottom & the staining below the panel.


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The use of the blue wire is fine…I will assume it is pulled in Conduit and it is allowable to use blue as a color for this.

IN regards to the 30A AC unit…remember they probably just ran a 10/2 to the unit ( black and white wire ) so remember the unit does not need a neutral…so they use both to achieve the 240V needed and reidentified the white wire as a current carrying conductor…perfectly fine.

In regards to the SE, you can have it evaluated by an electrician…if the jacket is cracked open and you can see the grounded conductor then it should be fixed…wrapping it with electrical tape is NOT the solution but the electrician will know how to achieve this or replace this.

In regards to the rust and so on…have all this evaluated or defer it to be looked at…if you can determine the moisture is entering into the enclosure from that pipe location…it should be corrected.

Thanks Paul

What is the blue wire indiacting? Is it a hot wire?

What about the bends in the stove wiring. It appeared to be making a decent contact.


I thought the panel looked decent except for the rust.

I can never seem to locate the panel bond.


Yes, the blue is terminating on a OCPD then it is a "HOT" wire.

As for the stove bends…well I dont like it personally…if they look TIGHT and actually cut across the front of the breakers then I would most certainly say it is a problem.

The RUST is a good obersvation because it appears to be coming into that panel through the pipe…water that is…and it should be addressed…also are their knock rings on that pipe…I can’t tell.

If you can't locate the panel bonds.......and the GEC you need to note it as such.....those are major things....also when you DO notice a GEC that may be for lets the water pipe....might be a good suggestion to advice them to possibly think about adding a Supplimentary Electrode ( ie: ground rods ) to the system as an extra safety advice against lightning issues and TVSS problems.

Is that the service panel. If it is, it looks like the grounds and nuetrals are separated. I do not see bonding anywhere in that box.

Also looks like you have a leak somehwere, possibly form the roof.


great point…now we can assume it is conduit and possibly the neutral buss is connected to the panel ( I cant see it that well ) and then the GEC was run to the buss bar on the right…and all EGC are the conduit…BUT we then hope that they did not pull a “White” wire in the conduit with the intent to use as a current carrying conductor…but I guess anythings possible.

we will need more info on that from the original poster…great points…