Seeking ideas for profile description

So I’m setting up my online profiles and I’m hesitant on what to put in place of the description. Don’t want to sound to “sellsy” or not say enough.

Any thought :thought_balloon:

On what platform?

Generally the idea is to sell yourself so don’t worry too much about being sellsy!


Dude on Google Yelp, etc

Start with your experience. What makes you a good inspector


I read somewhere along the line to try and keep your profile identical on all platforms. Makes it easier for the Google to identify you. Most of the profiles allow you to have a “description” of yourself and your company. I would come up with a somewhat short paragraph and paste it identical in all your profiles. At least that’s what I tried to do.


Love the concept

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When you choose Biltmore Inspection, you’re getting family. We’re a well versed licensed and insured team who thrive on transpancy

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You could go another sentence or two probably. Most of the platforms give you a bit more room.

Someone should make a list of all the free online platforms to post a business listing. Maybe I’ll take that on someday. I think I found at least 15. Most of these charge for a “premium” listing or whatever, but just getting the free listing I think helps tremendously for SEO.


Keep in mind, some folks don’t like the “family” idea. “Professionals”


I think many here would applaud you for that effort. I also think it’s great to take advantage of freebies for SEO purposes.

Actually Yelp biz only always this exactly…

When you choose Biltmore Inspection, you get family. We’re a well versed licensed and insured team committed to transparency

To the letter. I’ll add a couple more to other platforms

Okay good point

When you choose Biltmore Inspection, you get family. We are a well-trained, licensed, insured inspection team committed to transparency and ethical reporting on what will likely be one of the largest investments you will make. You get more, when you choose Biltmore.


" we are professionals that treat you like family" :thinking:


Why would he treat his clients that poorly? :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:
At least that’s how my family acts sometimes.


If inspections slow down, I think you could go into marketing! :grin:


" …like family! (DISCLAIMER: “Family” should not be associated with gatherings such as, but not limited to; Holidays of any kind, weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, BBQ’s, uncles living in your basement drinking YOUR beer…etc, etc, etc…"


Love this!

Lol made it work eh

Lmao oh man