Seeking Ridealong

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dan and I’m in the process of becoming a certified Inspector and am looking for someone to go on a ridealong with. I live in Redlands, but will travel wherever there is a ridealong available. I greatly appreciate it, thank you.

Cell 909-253-3846


You may have better luck with your request here, once you become an iNachi member.

Good luck,

Hey Dan,

I have a few guys locally I might be able to set you up with. Shoot me an email at

I am officially a member now. :slight_smile:

Congrats, and welcome aboard !!! :smiley:

How you feel about Minnesota??? :shock:


LOL. I contacted a few local guys for you Dan.

Uhh…a little cold? :smiley:

Thanks Dominic, I appreciate it!

No problem Dan. I sent an email out to a few local guys, one of them should get a hold of you.

Dan give me a call - You can meet me at an inspection site.

Ernie Martinez, Inspector
Eyeball Inspections
909 563-0461

Next time your in NorCal I would be glad to offer…Done a few and enjoyed passing on the education.