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my wifes car has been loosing coolant, approximately 1/2 gal a day. I took it to a shop, because I can’t see well enough to fix it, first they said they could not locate the problem, then they called me today and said it needed **one of the cylinder heads **replaced and a water pump of course, at a price of $1450. I said are you sure it only needs one, he said he would know more after he got it apart, I said well that’s interesting, it’s a 4 cylinder and only has one head. Long pause, then he said I thought it was a V-six. Just for humor, I said what will it cost now, he said he would work up a new estimate and call me back. He did call back and now it would cost me $1764. I said mister if you can’t tell the difference between a 4 cylinder and a V-six, you are not working on my car! The sad part of this story is, there is a big sign on the front of the shop that says ASE Certified Master Mechanic. Oh well, it looks like my wife will have to drive my truck for a while, bummer! Back to carrying the ladder on my bike for inspections.

Break down and buy her a new car. It’s only money

Head gasket if that is what it is on a four banger is about $500 or less at any good shop

The big issue – What is the real problem


Not necessarily…

Ken, I will PM you.


I don’t know how it is where you live but trying to find someone to do that kind of work for under 750.00 around here, on a four banger, is pretty much impossible. Of course unless you have a friend who has a friend etc.

I felt well enough this morning to check out the car myself, I fixed it for the price of a 50 cent o-ring and a gallon of coolant. So I saved myself $1,758.00 plus tax, and stopped a crooked shop from making a ridiculous profit, so it was a good day indeed! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: