Seen in Basement

Does anyone have any insight into these images? They were taken on an inspection today, the pit is located in the basement along an exterior wall. There is water in the bottom, maybe 1/8" and no drain or inlet into the pit. The pit appears to be made of what looks like a clay flue liner, there is no evidence of ever having a sump pump in the pit.


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Thomas, was there a bottom to it or just soil and , if you know, what type of soil?


It appeared to be hard packed earth, very hard packed, when tapping with broom handle it made a sound similar to the clay liner.

Huh, that is strange…

The house was built in 1971 if that helps at all :grinning:

Let me contact, Joe, and see what he thinks.

Don’t do the lick test.


Ooops, I must say it did taste a bit stale…

I knew he’d have some good advice in investigating it. :joy:

But, did you swirl it around in your mouth so it got to the sides and rear of your tongue for full tasting? :joy:


Hmmm, that must be a new technique, I usually on dab it to the tip of my tongue.

First for me. Let us know what you find out.

I almost bought a house in Hall Montana. The water table there was just a few feet below grade. The house had a very tight crawl space mostly above grade. From the floor access in the house you could see a pit similar to this with a pump it. I don’t know how deep it was. My assumption was during spring run off the water rose enough to warrant running a pump.

Poor attempt of a sump pit.

It should have a cover, what ever it is.

Site manufactured sump pit. Gravity gray water diversion.
Typically/usually at the lowest point in the slab.
Missing cover/lid.
Nothing unusual.
You can note the high water mark as compared to slab.