Seen this Digital Inspection scope from Ridgid?

Have you guys seen this inspection scope? its $199 from Home Depot

I was thinking of getting it.
**I thought I’d get a product review from those that have used it or one like it. **

**MJ;-) **


Funny you should bring this up today. Here is a 206.00 one I looked at.

I talked to a RIGID rep today and he said that a new one is out in the next couple of months that will have a memory card in it. COOL … around 700.00


This one can output to a video recorder or many digital still cameras.

How about just sticking your web cam on a wire.
(just joking)--------Hmmmmm

Are any of you using tools like these? I think I’d like to try one on a trial basis to see how I like using it.

I’ve got a Rigid (scope that is), I love it. I use it all the time and is great for exploring situations and finding hidden problems. Got mine at HD for $199. Plus you can get extensions which I believe can go up to 15’ (can’t remember the exact #)

Other than an Exchanger, where do you guys whom have one use them?
How far can you see before the pic looks fuzzy?

Yeah, Thats where I saw it today too… “Home Depot” :smiley: It says the LED lights are adjustable. does that mean brightness or angle?


For those of you with these various scopes:

How do you get the images form the scope to your computer (cable, software, card, other)?

Do you use video or still images form the scope in your reports and why one vs. the other?

Did you purchase any accessories or feel any accessories were necessary with your particular scope?

What are the most common places you have found issues using the scope (behind siding, etc)?

Thanks for your replies!

– bz

The big problem is my Ridgid is that I ***can’t ***get the image into the report except by taking a picture of the Ridgid’s display screen (very difficult, as you usually need one hand to hold the display and one hand to hold the flexible probe and one hand to hold the camera). That’s why I posted the link to the Testo unit above.

I’ve used the Ridgid for a grab-bag of stuff - everything from checking the type of gas connector on a dryer to determining if the material of a duct in a slab was Transite or clay tile (it was the latter).


You brought up a great point regarding transite in slab duct work. I never check the duct material in a slab home. Maybe I should start…huh?

Transite may be asbestos.

I just purchased mine through Professional Equipments also bought the 3’ extension for various areas where I wouldn’t be able to reach, It does come in handy. It has LED lighting infront with the viewer for a clearer image.
I’d say go for it.

Good luck…

Check around for prices, you might save a few dollars on it. It comes with a black zippered case very durable, and the batteries

I have done asbestos transite removal in slabs during demolition of on-slab homes. I also use my scope to look behind siding. I see some homes that have alum. over asbestos siding.