Seen today

Did an inspection and they were building a multiple story condo across the street. They had the foundation and girders in, and were putting in the wooden floor trusses (top loaded). But someone messed up and they had to add some shumming between the girder and the truss webs.

Think these “shims” will squash a little bit?


Was that the Engineers or Architects fix for the error?

Negligible shrinkage will be attributed to this fix, but not the best way to do it.


I think that the Architect messed up (common, around here) and the carpenters just compensated as best as they could.

BTW: The city inspector was just leaving as I was arriving. After all, this is Chicago.

Daummm If I were the owner of that building and saw this I would not accept this “fix” at all, not on new construction.