Seldom used bathtubs are a hazard

The water in the P trap will evaporate and lose it’s seal.

Good one , yep found that out a couple times .also the drain gaskets dry out and shrink then it leaks .

The picture is kinda small. Oh wait, there it is. What is it?

Aw, I found it. They are in Australia. Shipping to the US is expensive.

Why did you narrow it down to only bathtubs?
Any dry trap is a problem…Huh?

Showers too, got a comment I put into reports when bath rooms appear to not be used regularly.

It’s my experience that master bathtubs are the most underutilized fixtures. Other fixtures are also noted in the article. KISS is my motto. Did you read it Roy?

If a person is seldom using their bath tub AND their shower, I’d say it would be a hazard to their marriage.

Frank, a plumber put one in a shower built over the furnace room. Cost 75$ installed. Works great. Keep water from evaporating when not in use. Plumber said they use them a lot in houses where people leave for a while but dont drain the plumbimg

So what?

Poor a little RV antifreeze in the trap or some mineral oil.

Don’t overthink this.

Good work Frank! We have a lot of snow birds and see this a lot MB tubs and guest showers and tubs.

Frank in your link/blog “I guess the previous home inspector didn’t fill and drain the bathtub” …

QUESTION - if the tub isn’t used and the trap dried out, how could you know if the previous Inspector tested it or not … ?

If he would have tested it, he would have had the same results that I had. It was only a couple weeks prior.

Thanks … understand your comment … where I was coming from … I have just noticed more and more Inspectors throwing other Inspectors under the bus … guess it just competition or the times we are in …

I wasn’t throwing him under the bus. He missed it. I don’t know why. Maybe he didn’t use thermal imaging. Maybe he doesn’t look at the ceiling below bathrooms. Maybe he doesn’t fill the tub. Maybe he’s a $299 two hour inspector. I showed my client the issue without saying anything about the previous inspection. When asked about it, I said that it’s possible that it was fine two weeks ago. And that’s why you want to have your own current inspection and not rely on one that’s even only two weeks old.
My client backed out of the deal because the seller wouldn’t fix anything or negotiate price. The next potential buyer came along and was given my report and the previous report. He didn’t buy the house either, but he hired me to inspect the house that he did put an offer on based on my report from the other house.
I don’t need to tear down others to make myself look good. That kind of behavior is coming from a weak position.

My comment was only related to your blog and the comment about the previous inspector.

I’ll take another look at it and clarify it. Thanks for the input.