Select Summary by Item ?

Reading through another thread on Room by Room inspecting with system by system report output got me thinking.

If we could specify the summery selection per inspection item we could create a template that is Room by Room with the resulting report printed by system, I think!

Imagine you have the Summary Items:

Your Column headers may be:
IN - inspected
NI - not inspected
RR - repair/replace
X - exclude

In the HG “edit column header” section you specify only that you do or do not want the item to go into a summary.

The select summary option is now in located under “edit inspection item”. Opening or editing an inspection item would have a selection of different summaries with a check box next to each. Simply choose the summary you would like that inspection item to print to.

This would produce a report room by room with a summary by system.

Could this work ?

If I understand you correctly, you would like to have a room by room printed report, but to have all the summary items grouped together like the system template.

We have a template called Residential by Room Multiple summaries that does just that.

  1. You will see when you open that template that the summaries are named General, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC.

  2. You will need to manually check the appropriate summary as the column header Repair or Replace does not send it to a summary with this template.

  3. In your print settings you would need to edit it and select “Consolidate Summaries” in order to have one summary like the System template.

Yes exactly like that Russel but the summary would not have to be selected manually.

Each inspection item could/would have a default summary that could be chosen when it is edited.

Actually…you can set any auto comment to go to a specific summary. So with this template or any other you can edit the auto comment and assign it to a summary.

Also, you could create additional column headers now and call them Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and general and assign the column heads to the multiple summary. As long as you use a print format that is narrative, the customer will only see the col header you chose. So it can work now with any of these edits to the room by room multi summary template

It is a lot of initial work, but designated your summaries by comment only and not by column header will be better in long run. I have been doing that since I added an additional summary.

Thank you Russell and Scott,

I tried the additional column headers last week, and while that works it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted it. Default summary on the auto comments, I had forgotten about that. This would be a lot of work to edit but like Scott said it might be the best way in the long run. I will play with some more.

Adding a default summary selection option to each inspection item would be a great future add-on.

My column headers have been disabled as far as sending any comments anywhere. I added a safety summary and I have been editing comments to go to it as I come across them while doing reports. You could add the different summaries as you wanted, then just edit the comment itself on where it goes. The great thing is once it is done you are good, unless you move your comments to another template then you have to start all over again.

Sorry not quite related to the post but having trouble getting my head round this. If say I’m on the roof and spot an issue I click repair and replace take the photo then auto comment on it great. Then over the other side of the roof I spot another issue,so if I take the photo how do I get that one to my summary as well? Do I itemize the comment and will that be sent to my summary? Sorry but I have my first inspection tomorrow and thought I had the reporting in the bag!

Yes, all comments are supposed to be automatically marked to be included in the summary if the section that you are working in is marked R/R.

However, I still make sure the summary box is checked for any comment that I want to be in the summary when I review the report. One time I found a few comments in a section that was marked R/R in which the summary box was NOT checked automatically.

Still can’t figure-out how that happened, and it is irritating that I have to spend the time to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Awesome thx Phil I’ll watch for that!