Self CPR

On a small bulletin board outside our small Leelanau Twp Office one posting talks about self CPR. It says that if a person is experiancing irregular heartbeat as in cardiac arrest that they go unconscious in about 10 seconds.What they suggest is to cough very hard,spend about 2 seconds taking in breaths and coughing hard until help arrives or until a regular heartbeat is regained.The message also stated to tell as many people as possible.With 10,000 NACHI members and also non members reading our message board I thought it worth mentioning.They didn’t say that it would work in every case but they did say that it could help start recirculation ect. If anyone has more to add to this feel free.:nachi: May not be inspection related but if you’re in the cralspace and…

Does not work

I tried it when I had a heart attack and died

All kidding a side

google it

It can even hurt you

but hay if you are going down for the count try anything

In short just something to make more junk email



The coughing tactic is a new one for me.

There is what is called a vagal maneuver. A vagal maneuver is where you “bear down” and push like you are trying to have a bowel movement. This will “SOMETIMES” convert someone who is in super ventricular tachycardia “SVT” (Heart rate over 180 beats per minute) back to a normal sinus rhythm. Either way one should call 911 ASAP.

CPR is something everyone should learn. We offer our home inspection customers who have purchased a home with a swimming pool, have small children or who have a family member with any medical conditions free CPR. It is part of our safe home campaign, we are also trying to get our local association of realtors to allow us to conduct CPR classes at their facility for any realtors who may be interested in learning this valuable life saving skill.

Where were you in February. You could have saved me a $150,000 hospital visit


What happened?

You decide. . .

Do you begin the self CPR before or after you lose consciousness?

Six months ago my father suffered a ventricular fibrillation while driving, he said it was just like someone pulling a black bag over his head, no warning, things just went black, he said he did have a sense of feeling or seeing shadows of things flying past as he went off the road, he also said he could not move, he was aware of what was happening but he could not turn the wheel, he could not turn off the ignition, his “SELF CPR” occurred when he ran into a tree, the impact and the seatbelt across his chest most likely restarted his heart according to several different paramedics.

The last thing i remembered was walking into the ER and said i think i am having a hart attack. The next thing i new i was on a bed with about 20 people sticking needles everyware.

The Dr. even kicked out the receptionist that was trying to get my name and info to admit me. Not a Fun Day. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: </IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG>

Urban legend, according to this. In fact, they say it may change a heart attack into full-on cardiac arrest:


Thank you

Just something else to take mental bandwith


be careful…that is how Elvis died…seriously:neutral:

Oh get serious. Elvis isn’t dead. . .

I agree saw him at wall mart today has not change a bit

I use to administer Adenosine for SVT, I actually stops the heart to “reset” the electrical activity. I always told patient what I was doing, but what I really wanted to say was, “Now I am preparing to stop your heart momentarily . You will see a bright light. Please do not walk toward it.”

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Man, I’m laughing about them days now.

You’re right. He owns a donut shop in Brownsboro Texas


What really got me was the part about people going out &
**down for the count with no help in sight.An acquaintence **
**fell on the sidewalk & was found dead after a heart attack.The posting might not have caught my attention if I hadn’t heard about what happened to him.He was on his way back from a local spa where there is a hot tub.I was there recently with a freind & also acquaintence of his.I noticed the warning sign above the Hot Tub warning about people with heart trouble from prolonged stay in spa.I said to my friend Sherry-Hey do you see that?-I wonder if he knew he had a heart condition? It’s something worth advising clients on.I don’t see alot of warnings around residential spa areas. If there are they’re quite small. **


Were you a medic at one time?

We ran on a pt just the othe day and pushed Adenosine. Lucky for him it broke the rhythm and we did not have to “spark” him.

Hope business is well.

Matt,no medical experiance here-nada.(If question was for me.) just an odd experiance-seeing post on local b-board.Inever heard about what you had posted prior-good info! Good luck in these trying times of ours in the USA.:slight_smile: