Sell your Home for More Ebook Stats

I have gotten a great response from realtors about this eBook. I had one realtor ask to include some additional statistics int he book so I asked Nick and he agreed to add them as needed. But Thought we might start t thread of the statistics for the book. If you have Real estate Stats that relate to the eBook post them here and we will see about adding them to make the eBook even more impressive.

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Remember, For-Sale-by-Owner signs and ads often attract lowball offers from dealhunters
expecting you to give them the commission in the form of a price reduction. This costs
you four ways:

  1. You lose the commission savings anyway.
  2. You suffer the costs normally absorbed by the real estate professional.
    *3. According to Oliver Frascona, 75~80% of post closing litigation is Buyers suing Sellers, because they were not properly handled and were disappointed after they moved in. A Realtor can be instrumental in preventing this from happening to you!
    Frascona Joiner Goodman & Greenstein PC](
    3405 Penrose Pl
    Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 494-3000 ( the leading real estate attorney in Colorado)

*4. You don’t get all the services the real estate professional normally provides.

Home improvement returns need to be updated to reflect todays costs.

Paul Pendley
Premier Property Inspections