Seller doesn't like me

I had a call the other day from a man who was thinking about selling his home and wanted an inspection. The guy was very nice over the phone, but when I showed up for the inspection the guy didn’t almost let me come in. He also looked very surprised, and the only reason I could think of is that I am a Black man. It’s sad to say especially in these times and days. I showed up 10min early in uniform with a nice vehicle with logos. What else could it have been? He followed me around every turn and corner, although I didn’t mind. When I tried to run all the plumbing and go in the basement to see if any leaks, he told me there was no need, and nothing leaks so just put that in my report. I told him I only report what I see and inspect. The guy didn’t really want me to check anything, the inspection was almost pointless. When I did find a couple problem areas like the window wells were allowing water to seep in, he got offended because he did all the work to the home. I got paid and left. Funny because the guy left me a good review on Angie’s List. He said I was very professional, thorough, showed up 10 min early, & he would hire me again (although I did not like the report) A+

It does not matter what people think as long as you can look yourself in the mirror every morning knowing you have done the best job you know how is all that matters

Let me get this straight.
The guy lives in the Detroit area and was shocked to see a Black man?
You may be right however the anal types exist for all of us.

Darrul, The guy is an idiot, he got caught being a racist and made himself feel better by paying for the inspection and giving you a good review. He should look in the mirror and decide what is important. You handled it like a pro; cash the check and move on.

Sounds to me like you got a call, you sold yourself successfully, acted professionally, performed a quality inspection, got paid, and then got a positive review which will undoubtably get you more business and grow your influence and reputation.

Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume your client is full of racist thoughts from a racist upbringing. Did he express them in any way? If your description is accurate then it sounds as though he ignored all those racist thoughts and tendencies and conformed his behavior to that of a civil and mature human being. Isn’t that the point? To see change occur?

Putting that scenario aside, I don’t see the racism from your description. Looking surprised is not racist. Following an inspector is not racist. Trying to control the inspection is not racist; there would be a lot of racist people out there involved in real estate if that were the case. Getting offended at negative statements about one’s home repairs is not racist. Clients are a never ending group of differing personalities and motivations. This man may just be a little unique.

It does sound like the guy was looking to get a clean slate report and realized you were the wrong guy to give him that. Even that’s a testament to your services. Don’t spoil all that with what sounds like (based on your description) a very unsubstantiated claim of racism. And keep in mind this forum is available to the public including your client. :slight_smile:


I may be wrong but it appears your state does not require a license like my state MO. If I’m write I would change your website to read NACHI certification number instead of license number.


Eliminate this “issue” from ever occurring again… get your picture on your website! It’s only an issue if you make it an issue. Take away all ammunition from the potentials, and they got 'nuthin! Keep doing an awesome job, and ignore the idiots.