Seller report request

Is it okay to give the seller, for a fee, a summary report after the buyer backs out of the deal?

The report was theoretically accurate on the day of inspection and may not be accurate when you sell the homeowner the summary.

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I will not sell or share my clients report. I will direct them towards my client via the real estate agent and they can buy it from my client directly. I may then offer to inspect their home for a fee.

In fact, I do not even share the report with my clients agent without my clients consent, much less sell the thing.

One other thing to remember, the seller has not entered into an inspection agreement with you.


I agree with this response

Thank you I feel the same way, I was just looking for confirmation This is how I am going to respond to this request.


You could always talk them into a separate inspection.


I would not let them settle for a summary of an old inspection, which may mislead them (kind of like when Facebook fact checkers look out for us)…New full inspection for a full fee.


The report is between my company, and the client. I even ask permission to send a copy to their realtor. My client will always give permission. My report states the following (This report is the exclusive property of SIMSCO Inspection Services, LLC and our client. SIMSCO Inspection Services, LLC is not responsible for misinterpretations by 3rd parties. The report is not transferable. The inspection was performed according to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, which is available prior to the inspection.This report has been produced in accordance with the AGREEMENT and is subject to the terms and conditions agreed upon therein. The report was produced exclusively for our CLIENT. Not to be used or interpreted by anyone other than our CLIENT or Representative of SIMSCO Inspection Services, LLC ) This statement is highlighted in red and is repeated 4 times through the report. I have a form that the realtor receives stating the above, and they cant send it to anyone without the clients permission. If so this is a violation of their ethics. I had one realtor give the report to another purchaser without permission. This person acted as my client and was asking questions about the report. He slipped up and said that he was going to see the house in two days. I then realized he was not my client and stopped answering his questions. After hanging up I called the realtor and reminded them the report was not theirs to hand out unless they had my clients permission.