Sellers MIC Inspections

My main focus has always been on buyers inspections but am trying learn how to do sellers/MIC inspections.

The last sellers inspection I did was full of defects throughout all the components of that house, the seller wanted a “clean” inspection report to promote the sale of her house. I did the report as I usually do and came back to re inspect the repairs, then amended the report to indicate the repairs have been completed.

Is this how everyone is doing them?
Is your MIC/Sellers report exactly the same as your buyer report?

My main question is how do you deal with a seller that is selling a house that is FULL of problems, and how do you call that move in certified? What am I missing here?

I do it the same as you. I just report it as I see it because if the buyer decides to bring in their own inspector that is what they will do. I explain this to my client that this is the reason I bring defects to their attention. They then have the option to say I will fix them and provide the potential buyer with receipts of the repairs with my report or have me come back and amend the report showing the repairs and also providing the receipts when necessary or they can choose to say I am aware of xyz problems and I will not be repairing them but that is the reason why I am at my price