selling 64 copies of "Now that you've had a home inspection"

I injured my knee badly enough that I have to close my biz down. I have 64 copies of “Now that you’ve had a home inspection” to sell. I’ll let them go for $150. If you’re a Canadian home inspector, this is a great deal cause shipping them from the US cost me a quite a bit! I also have a tablet and some misc tools that I could sell. Not sure what I would let that go for, but email me if you’re interested.

Greg Melien

That sucks sorry about your injury. Good luck.

Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you recover and become mobile again. Knee injuries are a bummer.
Call me at 321-624-0254 and lets talk, I might be interested in some of your other “stuff” too.

Did you get rid of the books and stuff?

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Please note shipping across the Border to or from Canada Is a large expense Frequently more then the article it self… Roy

Oh, OK, no problem. Good luck with the selling of the stuff, hope it works out for you.

Nice logo Aubrey.

Thanks Darin.

Greg call me if these are still available!613-633-3747