Selling CMI - Bait and Switch

Inspector Mart is still selling “Certified Master Inspector” via a link
in the left column, but when you click on the link, it takes you to
their designation “Master Building Inspector” ($299). When you click on the
“Current CMI Membership” link, it takes you to a sales offer for the
same MBI, instead of the CMI membership.

Bait and Switch? Can’t they get someone to click on their links without
using this method?

Seems like Nick could have his lawyers put a stop to this.

Rowan is running this.

If you feel that his business practice violates the NACHI COE, you may wish to file a complaint and we can review it. He is still a member as far as I know.

Now…if your elusion to “bait and switch” allows Rowan to refer to himself as a “Certified Master Baiter”, I think we should let that one slide…

LOL… :slight_smile:

Tell me how, I will file a compliant.

That site was built with the blessing’s on the CMI founder who also (I believe) gave Mr. Rowan Rights of use of the trademark.

John B.,

Who was the “CMI founder”?

John M.,

Must have changed it as I see the MBI link only.

Gromicko is.

Nick gave Rowan his blessing to be President of CMI and then took it away.
Rowan then took down the links sending people to the CMI web site,
but still uses the CMI verbiage to point people to his MBI invention.

Did Nick bless that?

Forest Gump said it Best…

“Stupid is as Stupid does.”

Rowan appears to be taking advantage of the situation and misrepresenting his own product offering as something other than it is…

He needs to be Reeled in on his Misrepresentation of an Association with CMI.

But, as always, it is up to Nick.

That, pretty much, says it all. :wink: