Selling Sun Nuclear 1028

I am selling my Sun Nuclear 1028. The volume is not there for me. It is 13 months old and recently re-calibrated by Sun Nuclear (calibration date 7/31/2015).

Email me at with your best offer. Don’t bother bidding below $750. I will take bids until 8 pm eastern, 9/4/2015.

How is your volume not there? 20 tests and the unit is paid for. Probably less . I am running 12 units that go out about 14 to 16 times per week collectively. I get sick of having to actually go get them . I literally pay someone to chase them. So, how are you not selling the service at a higher volume. Have you ever tried packaging it at a lower price?

Hi Jeff, wow that’s some serious volume. How do you get most of your customers if you don’t mind sharing? I’m a week away from being certified with C-NRPP for Radon measurement and really want to corner this market in my area.



All through my home inspection clients. I probably only do 10 or 15 stand alone tests per year. I package it at a good price so people will actually do it. My own house has high radon, so I use myself as an example in that conversation too. But back to the package: I charge $130 for it. Just the subtle difference of $20 from the normal $150 is huge. I pay someone $50 per unit to pick them up and grab what ever units I can myself. Since all of the units are paid for, it is pure profit. Adding a mitigation system is about $1600 around here. Telling people that if they don’t test, they are risking their health ( which surprisingly doesn’t move the needle) or they are risking having to take the cost of the system on themselves later if they sell, which is almost automatic. People are amazing about saving a buck in these deals. Push that point. I use Radstars btw. Best service on the planet for this stuff.

I am looking for a monitor for my business

Could you sell for $450?

Personally, I would never even consider your “offer” unless you were a member in-good-standing of this Association!

Did you sell the monitor yet?

Still available?

Hello Everyone.

Can you please read the first post.

“I will take bids until 8 pm eastern, 9/4/2015.”

It is WAAAYY past September 4th. Please stop emailing me. I will not respond to any emails regarding this post.