Semper Fi!

Marine tells it like it is.

We have always told it like it is and always will.

Hell Yes…

We the people need to start standing up to those who would hold us in bondage.
I salute the men and women who have graciously and caringly given there all for our freedoms.

His service is to be admired.

His ability to make any comment with a semantic content higher then a bumper sticker is not.

Of course I have no doubt you will use the usual tactic to say if I disagree with his opinions I must therefore be unappreciative of the blank check he wrote his country.

No one is tampering with his health care. The tales he hears about that come from the fertile minds of you righties. Spreading the fear so well as to drive out rational thought.

You extol these positions but offer no answer to the reality.

  1. increasing costs of health insurance twice the rate of inflation
  2. 45 million plus with no insurance at all
  3. People who lose their health care when they get sick.
  4. People who can not buy insurance at any price due to pre-existing conditions.
  5. Inability of people to access the treatments they need due to rationing by the insurance companies, not the government.
  6. A country that spends 16% of our GDP on health care and ranks 36th in the world on outcomes

But do you folks engage in rational conversation as you have been repeatedly invited to do? No, instead you righties spew lies and fear under the cover of exercising your constitutional rights. Conduct what you call discourse by issuing threats to anyone who dares to disagree and try to yell them down.

I’d really wish you would not start these threads in public. But as long as you do I feel free to rebut.


Are you the same guy that claimed 30% on insurance premiums went to the insurer? :wink:

I have an idea.

How about Congress and the president prove they can fix Veterans care and Medicare before tackling the whole enchilada?

I admire this fellow Marine’s ability to stand up for what he believes in public, in front of a crowd.

Did you intend to insult just one Marine with your comment, or all of us?

Me, too.

FWIW, I read the entire first draft, all 1100 pages. You’d think a guy would have something better to do with his time…until I realized that being informed **was **something better.

Then I read the other bills and compared the ear-marked pages with the first bill–not a lot of differences.

Then, in case I hadn’t had enough of it all, I sat in on a point-by-point discussion of all three bills presented at the time.

I’m not particularly impressed with people who spend all their free time in front of the TV watching MSNBC–and then proclaim to the world their astuteness in the Govermnent and its “on-rush” to oblivion.

(“On-rush”–I think I made a new word…)

Any beach, any place, any time. Semper fi!!

Usmc 64-68

Like everything else Veteran care drastically declined under Bush’s watch. Far from an idea, it is doubtful that you even have a clue.

So says you joey.

Even it’s that’s true the Vet care declined under Bush, lets have Obama fix it and prove he knows what he is doing.

A simple concept. Don’t you agree?

36 Have been accused of spousal abuse
**7 Have been arrested for fraud **
19 Have been accused of writing bad checks
**117 Have directly or indirectly Bankrupted at least 2 businesses **
3 Have done time for assault
71 Repeat… 71 Cannot Get a credit card due to bad credit **
14 Have been arrested on drug-related charges **
8 Have been arrested for shoplifting 21
Currently Are defendants in lawsuits, and

84 Have been arrested for drunk driving In The last year

Can You guess which organization this is?

**it’s the 435 members of the **United States Congress

This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, it has to do with Lying, theiving, drunk drugy, politicians, many of who are attorneys.

and they are going to give all of us FREE health care???

That or one similar to it has been going around for years.

Sorry but that’s the facts Jack.:wink:

As opposed to Obama and his plan to let Vets die through a bureaucracy of paper work. Ask all the car dealers who did cash for clunkers…last I heard they are still waiting on their money…you think that them taking over the health care business is going to be any better…but then again, why would anybody be asking a moron like you. :mrgreen:

Awww…man! Now you done hurt his feelers. He’s gonna get real nasty about it now.

You guys need a little perspective. Until you are aware of conditions outside the U.S. you have no idea how good your health care system is.

Exactly Don. Wasn’t Oswald a Marine?

So the Marine in the video opposes your political views and you decide to associate him with Oswald?

I mean really Brian. You could’ve done much better than that and lumped him in with Jack Murtha if your intent was to damage his credibility by association. But thank you for your opinion anyway. :smiley:

There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.
Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army