Senator Lanza Now A Co-sponser of NY Distance CEU Bill

Good news. After contacting Senator Lanza’s office a week or so ago about this law, they reached out and contacted me with a positive response.

Senator Lanza highly favors the bill and is signing on as a co-sponsor.
They also communicated to me that they appreciate bringing it to their attention considering that there are so many bills that come through the office that probably never get consideration strictly due to volume.

Therefore it is highly recommended that any one involved contact their respective Senators to make them aware of this (in particular) bill. Your voice is necessary and not without weight. Use it while we still can.

Fight on. :cool:

Awesome news. Good work.

Fight on!

I also contacted my state senator Golden and received a positive answer.

:stuck_out_tongue: I contacted Sen. George Maziarz when first alerted by Internachi. He responded with a positive response.