senior woman was given $11,000 est for one wall +

$11,000…? Eleven thousand… to do one wall plus replace 1-2 average size concrete slabs?

Shoe ONLY had one crack, one leak on this side of the house/on this poured wall so why try and bs an 80+ yr old woman?
Digging it out in this video, you can see the visqueen and tar was pulled down about 2’ by the same soil/clay they used to backfill, they’ll never learn or, simply do not care.

just one vertical crack in this one area… and previous contractor did not seal under the window ledge either, hello?

IF she actually did need to have the entire wall waterproofed (correctly!) it would have cost about $3,200… then add the cost of replacing 1-2 concrete slabs, another $500–1,200 ish… which gets ya nowhere friggin near $11,000!

nice work !

thanks Mr McKee! Hope your well and drinking much good booze sir.