Sensor at AC Condensor

What am I looking at here? 1997 Trane unit.

Where did the wires go?

Rain gauge maybe …

flux capacitor ?


Was there irrigation valve box nearby?

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Unknown device attached to the HVAC condenser. Recommend the seller be questioned as to its purpose.

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The black wire disappeared into the soil. The yellow went nowhere.

Looks like a rain sensor, the 3rd wire is if you want to wire it normally open or closed, usually used to shut the irrigation off during rain. I have never seen that model, however.

Did the house have an inground sprinkler system?

While it’s mounted like an irrigation rain sensor, it looks nothing like any I have ever seen.
Large spring loaded device with a removable sleeve filter, installed in a bottomless cup?

It is my best guess from afar, I have never seen one like that before either, it could be something else, thus my question about valve box nearby.

I believe so. Most in the development do. I don’t inspect irrigation systems so I didn’t pay much attention.

Glowplug. Not recommend for Ohio.