SEnt to me by a friend! From Abernathy's site?

Good luck with your lawsuit, Paul.

Don’t forget to have your lawyer present the history of unethical activity that resulted in Joe’s expulsion from NACHI and his use of this message board to disparage anyone who does not appreciate - exclusively - his limited expertise.

Feel free to call me for the details or for any other assistance that I can provide. Please share with us the results of your efforts. Any adverse adjucitation against him from your case should be all the ESOP Committee needs to throw him out, again.

(All references to Paul’s webpage have been removed. What remains is what is required to preserve the context of the posts that followed the original post)

Joe, I don’t understand your insistence in posting the fact that you are harrasing other people that don’t agree with you or the fact that all home inspectors are idiots that have no reason to open electrical panels. I don’t remember Paul ever belittling inspectors or doing anything besides helping 100%.

dump the old coot once and for all !!

Joe T,

Kindly remove the post.

What Paul says about you on his website is his business.

NACHI has no control over it, and never will.

Done deleted


Have you taken up lying now Joe T.?:shock:

Post #1 still is there at this writing.:shock:

Update: Post has finally been removed.

trying to delete board is not working for me!?

Done, now please ask the poster for post #2 to do the same!


James, just remove the post OK

I just had to say…It seems that JoeBu is doing the same old tricks. I posed FACTS joeBu and you cant run from the facts. You have spread lies and misinformation and my site will set the record straight…i urge anyone to read it…

I see that it is the same as always joeBu…you post info that lies, you then remove it and then CRY because others wont remove info…same tactic on a different day. Why on earth Mr. Gromicko would have anything to do with you is beyond me.

Because I was late with my renewal dues so my original account was closed and then we could not reuse the old one. But thank you for taking the time to check on that for me. Biggest drawback is it shows a 2008 joining date instead of the actual 2003 joining date.

Thank You James… while he is trying his best to remove all posts I have been making copies of them for quite awhile. I will keep you posted.

Get 'im, Paul.