SEO Challenge

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Challenge

Enter my web site and your web site and see who wins!!!

My site is

Go to this link to start the challenge:

This is for fun, so try to stay calm…:mrgreen:

This may help all of us learn more about SEO and
making our position on the search engines better. vs.

and the winner is… (344 to 217)

Rematch, one week - I’ll practice more and get in better shape! :wink:

You also beat me…344 to 189

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Wow, didn’t think I was going to win!


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Why are his points smaller against you guys then against me?


Damn if I know…:smiley:

I think I figured it out Tony…:smiley:

I got the extra 86 points for not having the CMI (nonsense) on my website…:smiley:

Just kidding with you John…I like your website…!!!

Sorry John,
Better luck next time.

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I like this game.
alas, I got my but kicked by RR

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still fun

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report a bug [/RIGHT]
This is a neat link. Too bad I am not doing inspections anymore.

I won! 260 to 216

Round 1- Results



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I also beat “A Closer Look” 220 to 260.

Damn! Paul beat me 261 to 260.

No, No, No,

You must enter my URL just like I wrote it for you all.
Leave the www off. Enter my URL without the 3 www’s.

This is correct entry

I may not win everyone, but I will at least loose with
a few more points… smile…:mrgreen:

Clue: Most of the points are based on inbound links
and my inbound links are mostly done without the
3 www’s.

excellent tool John…neat to play with.

Sorry Tony, 189 to 260.

Runs yours against me and see if you come up with the same numbers. Maybe the party entering the information causes a change in the algorithem

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Hey John,

You’re correct, that made a way big difference in your score. You kicked my butt 341 to 260 when I left off the www’s.