SEO Challenge

When I left off the 3ws it punked out.

Round 2 - Ess Win’s Again…tehhehe



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now both get their butt kicked when done against my site…which is technically closed down now…lol

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Probably will be the same way in Golf …Paul…:smiley:

Now I wanted to REALLY get my sites BUTT kicked…how about this one…


Big Loser :

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You cant do that DALE…you have to compare APPLES to APPLES…all my links on the net are from my PROPER method…


Sore loser…:smiley:

Its raining today…so much for the Pro-Am at the TPC…:smiley:

Round 3- Dale vs. Paul ( Dale gets STOMPED )

Loser: http://****

Big Winner:

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YEP…will be the SAME result on the golf course…no doubt…:slight_smile:


lol…nope…this is the only way I actually LIST my site…and is how it is on all my published material. How is your listed HACKER…:slight_smile:

Ok…Ok…do yours versus mine with the www on yours…lets see who wins then.

Aww…sorry Dale…you lose again…1,2,3…Your OUT !

Loser (Yet Again ) :

Winner ( Yet Again ) :

= Dale
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= The GOLF GURU ( Yep I am guruing EVERYTHING today )

MOST excellent little tools and information in building a better site and getting higher placements if you know how to understand the info. I will be applying some of the things to my development.

Thanks John…not only FUN but will aid in web site placement and design…

Gotcha, Me 244 You 218, but your Google Ranking is 3 and I’m still stuck on 2, although one of the Google ranking sites I found shows my “future” ranking as a 3.

My current score is 344 if you enter my URL without the
3 www’s…

Here is another site to check your link popularity

If you check back over time it will give you a graph of
your growing link popularity.

Here is my chart for the last year… it helped me go
from page 15 on Google to page #1. (inbound links really help you)


John your site beat mine by 44 pts … but I beat all my competitors which is all that really matters to me! :slight_smile:

Hey John,

How’d you do on traffic for the month of Jan 07’?
Here’s my results:

Daily Statistics for January 2007DayHitsFilesPagesVisitsSitesKBytes1****2541.26%2251.47%941.74%572.53%525.28%21111.34%2****6463.21%5413.54%2785.15%723.20%737.42%67834.31%3****7693.83%4512.95%1713.17%823.64%747.52%60693.85%4****5062.52%4432.90%1963.63%753.33%565.69%47142.99%5****6913.44%4242.77%2033.76%743.29%949.55%47263.00%6****3871.93%2531.65%961.78%612.71%636.40%31151.98%7****4472.22%3852.52%1883.48%642.84%646.50%52723.35%8****7433.70%5973.90%2314.28%713.15%858.64%59883.80%9****8654.30%6504.25%2494.61%773.42%808.13%54793.48%10****9024.49%7514.91%2634.87%743.29%808.13%78474.98%11****5382.68%4312.82%1102.04%753.33%636.40%29631.88%12****5142.56%4292.80%1362.52%803.55%666.71%46932.98%13****3151.57%2891.89%1132.09%693.06%707.11%25151.60%14****4052.02%3582.34%1312.43%652.89%818.23%36312.31%15****7203.58%5463.57%1462.70%683.02%676.81%49283.13%16****7393.68%5493.59%1562.89%753.33%858.64%67884.31%17****3681.83%3392.22%841.56%411.82%434.37%29841.90%18****6563.26%5743.75%1482.74%843.73%717.22%40882.60%19****6173.07%5193.39%1993.69%733.24%818.23%46202.93%20****7073.52%4442.90%1833.39%562.49%515.18%45632.90%21****4272.12%3822.50%1041.93%522.31%575.79%40532.57%22****8284.12%6514.26%1863.44%803.55%707.11%66314.21%23****8084.02%6824.46%2083.85%763.37%676.81%77014.89%24****7293.63%6284.11%2775.13%944.17%787.93%62944.00%25****5382.68%4272.79%941.74%763.37%697.01%30171.92%26****7323.64%5363.50%1743.22%733.24%717.22%50243.19%27****4602.29%3051.99%1332.46%783.46%656.61%33772.15%28****6983.47%4152.71%1512.80%823.64%787.93%62753.99%29****12306.12%9196.01%3075.69%1044.62%10510.67%99196.30%30****7413.69%5463.57%1322.44%703.11%777.83%42962.73%31****11185.56%6063.96%2594.80%763.37%787.93%69674.43%

For the past year:

Summary by MonthMonthDaily AvgMonthly TotalsHitsFilesPagesVisitsSitesKBytesVisitsPagesFilesHitsFeb 2007855028794747285085Jan 200764849317472984157432225254001529520098Dec 200659539815972794137505223449421234218447Nov 200658440516764731130038193050101215517540Oct 2006102454426455817189149172981891688531748Sep 2006106754526349710148273148278921636132039Aug 200698642520738600108820120364181318930584Jul 200693242821735615110473109167571329628915Jun 2006327236892753959028820268970819823May 2006280186622543039888804194657938680Apr 200644927210028537627508463002818113476Mar 20063332467732543580749952404763010352Totals12019041539354677128258221787