SEO help needed

Not a bad website. Better than 90% of the new inspector websites I see.

A few suggestions:
Re-write this

It’s awkwardly phrased. (what standard of practice?) Most home buyers don’t know what the term “ancillary inspection” means. And you’re in Florida, a lic state, so it’s pretty assumed anyone in Florida with a lic has the same exact qualifications. So that paragraph does nothing for you.

Whereas further down, you go more into why you’re different. Expand on your experience and what makes you YOU.

I like the map at the bottom right corner, nice touch! But as mentioned, you want to list the areas/cities you serve in your text. Don’t go wild and start listing every city in the state, but do define your core areas. People like to hire local experts.

Of course, the best thing for SEO is have a blog, and update it often. But don’t just hire some 3rd party to add generic content to your blog. Write about YOUR areas, and concerns that are local to you.

If you read through my blog articles:

You’ll see I relate everything to Los Angeles and Southern California, our local building codes, local common practices, local laws, and local concerns.

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Sorry for the delayed response. I had to go out and make taco money. More than 1 person has mentioned this “signature” issue now. I can’t seem to find what you guys are talking about or how to correct it. I appreciate all of the help.

Top right of your screen is your profile pic. In your case it’s the green circle with your initials.
Using a phone:
-Tap the picture
-On the drop-down all the way to the right, tap the icon that looks kinda like a person
-Tap Preferences
-Fill in the fields on the next page

Hope that helps.

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Michael has one way.

Here’s another:

SIGNATURE: Click on your face in the upper right hand corner of this page. Then click on the bell. Then click on preferences. Then click on profile and scroll down to signature and fill out the information that you want to appear under every post that you make. AND LAST, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE CHANGES.

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you need to setup a google analytic account and a google search console account, this will help you out, as you can see all site activity, Maybe you are getting found and people are going to your site, They just are not scheduling an inspection. Maybe its your site itself, Maybe its your Prices? The best way to track all this is setting up these 2 free google services.

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