SEO Tip: Embed NACHI.TV Videos Into Your Website

I had a few guys who hang out on the forums but aren’t members ask how to embed NACHI.TV videos on their website, so I’m reposting this here!

Here’s how to add NACHI.TV videos to your website. Some of the videos NACHI.TV offers have great content and help keep visitors interest. Also from an SEO standpoint, create a new page for each video and put a description of the video below it containing some of your keywords.

For an example, to embed episode 35, the Well Testing video, use the following code (Scott Gilligan just asked me how to do this which prompted this tutorial with Nick’s permission). Thanks to Chris for making the Javascript available.

Make sure you are in the HTML or SOURCE mode of editing your page and copy the following text. Change the 35 the episode you want (i.e. 8,24, and 36 are great :mrgreen: )

<center><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<br>View more episodes at <a href="">Watch more Inspection Videos on NACHI.TV</a>
<noscript>To view this <a href="">NACHI.TV</a> video you must have JavaScript enabled.</noscript></center>


I think it fine for a home inspector to link to 57, 52, 49, 42, 41, 39, 35 for sure!, 33 for sure!, 31, 29, 15, 12, 5, 2, and 1. All consumer and REALTOR interest episodes.

Dom, how do I link to 35 and 33 ?

Use the exact same code that I posted again, except change the part that says episode35.js to episode33.js (that would be episode 33). Do the same for any of the other episodes that you want to link to.

Episode 35 :slight_smile:

Episode 33

I was just reading an article on SEO that covered this subject!

Thanks, Dom & Nick!

I just linked to episode 57. Plan alot more. I was hired after a client watched the entire show one time. lol I was impressed that he sat through it to say the least.



Any way we can shoot our own video and have it appear with your NACHI.TV skin?

That’s awesome Billy,

You can always go to one of the Video shootings Nick does for commercials.

Are you coming to Chicago tomorrow?

Billy, you’d be better catching a cheap flight to Denver in the morn and back out that night. Flights to Denver are really inexpensive. That way we can shoot it in high-def with nice lighting, sound, and staff’s help.

No charge.

Sooner or later I’m going to take you up on that offer. I’m still up in the air as of yet about doing a TV commercial. I have an opportunity to get my ad live on 3 different cable channels 7 days a week atleast 4 times a day up to 8 times a day for $199 a month no contracts. I know seems to good to be true. However, I called and it is true. At any rate as most of you know by now I think well ahead before wasting money on this business. What scares me if the exposure is what Charter says it is I’m still a one man show and won’t be able to handle all the calls that may come in from it. So again if I make the jump I would love to do a professional video so I could have it go live in the St. Louis area.

Thanks Nick.

Sorry Dom didn’t scroll up far enough I guess :slight_smile: Anyways no I didn’t get to make it. Had to work :frowning:

These links don’t appear to be working anymore. Is it currently possible to have Nachi.TV video featured on my website? If so can you recommend some suitable links?

Thanks for the tips.


You’ll have to email to see if he has a new method.