SEO/Website/Social Media PODCAST

Preston Sandlin has graciously invited me to talk on his podcast show regarding website design, SEO/search engine and social media marketing. Many of you have always wondered what’s the big secret to my #1 search engine position. You might be shocked at what you learn not only about position but about marketing your image in general. In my opinion 95% of us fall short when it comes to our websites. Don’t miss out! I welcome you guys to post questions here as well for Preston and I to discuss. Preston has agreed to let me interview him as well.

Most of you know Preston I’m sure but if not he’s been doing podcast over the internet and every day I find myself looking to see if he’s post a new one. Learned a great deal from his pods already. Find his site at

When is your interview? I’ll be listening.

Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not sure when he will put it online but it will probably be next day. Thanks for tuning in Frank!

I hope you’re not planning on competing with the game, Billy.

lol no you can listen to the Podcast the rest of your life if you wish. It will always be online at

PS… If I was the NFL commissioner the big game wouldn’t include the cheating Pats.

I have to say I am hooked on his podcast. I will for sure listen to your interview Billy.

I am looking forward to it!

And what will be your response when Preston ask you about all the mean spirited people on the forum?

Frank, you have read some of the other Inspector forums out there?

I think those are the one’s Preston is referring to, not this one.

This place may have some characters, but it’s nothing compared to the drama I’ve read elsewhere.

This is the only inspector forum I’ve read, except for HG. We have some guys that can get grouchy, but overall I think that most everyone tries to help when they can, and upgrade each other. We do get an occasional thin-skinned individual that gets butt hurt, but most can take the heat when applied. If the other forums are what Preston is referring to, then I’ll just stay here. I don’t need drama in my life.

I think he might be alittle bit surprised by my response. Listen in and see! :slight_smile:

Oh, the tease. I’m on the edge of my seat.:wink:

I’ll be tuning in too! Thanks for you’re advice and info!

Podcast now live!

You are not watching the Super Bowl ?

I listened to a little bit of it this morning. I’ve already incorporated some of your SEO tips.

I did Bob. We did the interview early this morning.

Thanks for listening Frank. Hope it helped.

We listened and took notes. Haven’t published our we page but I’m building it and tried to include your suggestions. I coudknt figure wordpress out so I’m using green geeks site builder.

Time will tell.