who do you guys use? Thanks


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What’s your website?

Take time to learn.I can boost my own anytime.Will not bother unless hiring however .Feel free to contact me anytime and I will help you out with some links .

All this marketing talk is B,S because a good web site is all you need .

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I will contact you when I have some time. Thanks so much Bob. Hope you’re doing well

Everything is amazing.
Just wish I had the energy of my twenties .

Brenner, you don’t need an SEO expert, you need to do the basics. You don’t even have your NAP on your site. Get that fixed. Just do what my article says to do:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I know it needs a lot of work but I’ve been pretty busy lately. Been putting it off but am going to go ahead and get the ball rolling.

Fill out your signature line with your website etc.
Look up online how to prepare your photos for your website.…69i57.21827j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Bob just an FYI when I click on it goes to an amazon page. John

LOL never did that before .Fixed.

Unless you have urgent need to be rich over night just do the SEO first and make pretty to shut up yappers then when it gets to the first page you will have the phone ringing.

Everything after that is following business strategy and finding a Niche where as others seem to feel you should be everything.

Once you are the guy for one thing they will use you for others .

Being 100% honest recall laughing at a site here the other day when the guy asked how good his site was and all I saw was a big logo for RecallChek .

Any sane human would think he was in the insurance business.

Some care about dotting ’ i’s ’ but people looking do not.First impression is all that matters. Do a home page and rest is filler .No need to do a full encyclopedia. Learn Keywords and you are set.

First, It looks like you are using WIX - you should switch to WordPress or Weebly. Wix has problems with their long tail keywords and buries them in gobbly-gook. For example, look at this link in your site:!condos/cqj9i. Instead it sould look like this: or even better:

Technically speaking, you don’t have enough content, your meta descriptions are lacking, you don’t have enough external links, and no social shares.

Visually, you don’t give me enough reason to hire you. The Buy Back logo on the home page helps, but it’s not enough - you need to sell it to me.

Tried using WIX at first. Literally drove me to drink. Got Weebly, got Ian, quit drinking. Much happier now.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

LOL. That’s funny.

I’m always happy but stopped drinking when Ian Robertson started helping me! :smiley:

I am also starting an AA business here too apparently :slight_smile: @ George and Marc

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Enhance Your Website For Your Users
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obviously, this is not a long term solution because Google uses its metrics to measure website performance which are pretty advanced. The Google metrics will analyze when you’re trying to fool it because they are updated regularly.

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CTR and bounce rate are Google metrics used to measure website performance that helps in ranking the website on the SERP and they keep your website visible to your target audience.

Write User-Specified Phrase
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