Separate 100 amp breaker for interior distribution panel?

What is the reason for this? I’ve never come across this, with the bedroom AFCIs separated from the main distribution panel, and a 100 amp breaker servicing the interior distribution system. Any help would be appreciated.

This looks like an exterior panel. How old is the house? How many types of cables were found, plastic or cloth bound romex?

If it is an exterior panel, it may have replaced a fuse box. The interior panel would have been to expand the system from what was installed originally.

Do you see the label above the 200 amp breaker? It is called a service disconnect (mistakenly called a “main disconnect” or "Main Distribution panel) by many of us.

So, this is the first disconnection means after the meter…correct?

If so, then any panel board down stream from this Service Disconnect is called a “Distribution Panel”, and needs to be wired with four conductors, where the grounded (neutral) conductors are SEPARATED from the grounding (bare wires) which should be bonded to that distribution panel board and the 100 amp breaker is simply feeding that distribution panel board.

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This is a 2015 house. All of the cable was new. Main disconnect conduit was not visible as it came directly into the bus bar as a lot of new builds do these days. It’s just odd that they did it this way. The interior panel has 1 or 2 gauge conduit coming in from exterior.

And sorry for the mistake, Larry. I usually do my best to call it the Service Disconnect, but still sometimes slip. Lol.

Don’t be sorry, Stephen! This is where we come to get feedback from our peers and we all learn here. :smile:

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Just looks like they wanted to use all of the breaker slots in that service panel. Since there aren’t enough provisions in that panel to power the entire dwelling they added another panel on the interior as well. Why the bedrooms ended up in the exterior panel is anyone’s guess. Nothing wrong with it done that way.


Thanks, Robert, for answering his question specifically. I guess I drifted a little…considering the other thread. LOL :smile:

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There’s no such thing as 1 or 2 gauge conduit.

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Maybe that was 12 gauge?

Sorry. I meant AWG.

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Thanks. I concur.
One large enclosure or 2 smaller enclosures. As long as it is installed correctly equals the same out come.
To me, putting all the AFCI in one enclosure just makes sense.