Septic Inspection Tool

Right now I use a mirror on the end of a brome stick and shine a flash light down into the tank to inspect baffles and such. Thinking of using a lighted web cam hooked up via usb cable to my pc laptop to get a better view and so my clients also can see what I’m looking at… Any ideas please thanks

Sounds like it would work. I’ve been holding my camera just below the opening and taking pics of the inlet, I try to dig up the out bound lid to see the baffle tee is in place.

So far the ones I have been seeing have only 1 tank then goes to what I assume is either a distrubution box or just a distrubution tee (which I can’t ever seem to locate to inspect) do you look for this?

Other day was digging the opening for a septic and found it to be a over 100 year old sesspool (spelling?) the top was concrete and deteriating, when I reached top I put a tape down to water level (it was 14’ down to water level) had pumped out and the pumper put down 30’ of hose when we decided that was enough. Scared the crap out of me(haha) when i thought that I could have fallen in if the top would have collapesed.

I don’t think clients would really be interested in seeing what the interior of the tank looks like. I’d save my money on additional equipment.

Let me know if you see Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo…you spy on him, but he loves you…

Raymond, I had 2 clients this week that wanted to know what i was looking at, I guess they wanted to know if I was really looking at something, not only that I had to fail the system due to the feild not taking the water so at that point everyone was huddled around the tank opening like a campout fire ring.