Septic Inspections

I was wondering if any one could tell me if the internachi training for septic inspections qualifies me to do septic inspections in Maine?

If a licensed activity in your jurisdiction, wouldn’t septic inspections be licensed by your county, not your state? I would ask your county health department.

Maine Division of Environmental Health Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention A Division of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services is all I can find for any training but im unable to find out if they accept your certification.

Do they even license septic inspectors at all?

Here they do, because a septic inspection is mandatory by law on every real estate transaction.

I dont believe so, I think its only a certification course .

“Not all inspectors are certified by the State as it is a voluntary certification.”



“The Maine Department of Human Services, Division of Health Engineering (DHE)
**administers a voluntary program to train
and certify septic system inspectors. **
People throughout the state have been
certified by DHE. Chances are there is an
inspector near you. You can obtain a list of
inspectors by calling DHE at: (207) 287-5672,
TTY (207) 287-2070, or you can access the
list on their web site at:


In NY, it’s not required, unless the mortgage company (FHA, VA, USDA, etc.) demands it. I have stopped doing any septic testing, including dye tests, to avoid any liability. I refer all septic testing out to local septic service companies. “One Less Bell To Answer” (thanks to the 5th Dimension).

Mike, Maine does not have any licensing or mandatory training but I recommend you take any local training that is offered. You need to be educated and follow a methodology that is excepted for your area because you evaluations will be challenged by the local septic contractor when they are asked for a second opinion.

Feel free to contact me if I can help in anyway.

What he said.

Thanks every one for the help