Septic Systems

Good morning,
Has anyone heard of a new requirement that when a septic inspection is performed, that it needs to be on a letter head from your company as to the function of the system. Someone was telling me that mortgage companies are requiring it. I really don’t know, I was thinking that the TREC form is sufficient. I told them if there was a problem with the septic system , to call a septic company, for further evaluation.

And where does Donnie** live** ???

We have to supply a letter head if we do even a dye test , Which in my opinion is useless , they should dug up and checked and pumped.

In a residential structure in Austin.

Can you provide any more detail?

To what extent are they (mortgage companies) requiring the system to be inspected?

What do you mean with *“as to the function of the system” *since the “function of the system” is to handle human waste?

Do you perform OSSF inspections and if so to what extent?