Septic Tank Letter

I do not do septic tank inspections. I am however looking for a good concise letter or check list that talks about flushing toilets, turning on faucets and looking for water leaks in yards. My clients insurance company wants to make sure that the septic tank is operating as it should. Any suggestions???

In my area, septic systems can cost up to $35,000 to replace. Without the ability to completely and accurately comment on everything from the indoor traps to the condition of the soil containing the leach field, I refrain from commenting on anything concerning the condition of the septic system. My state licenses septic inspectors and I defer to them who will actually charge more than many inexpensive home inspectors for their reports.

If your state requires a licensed to inspect septic tanks, I would refrain from commenting about them on paper.

I report something like: “The home is connected to a septic tank sewage system. This inspection did not access the tank or determine its location. I recommend that you contact a qualified contractor for a thorough evaluation of the septic tank system prior to making your purchase decision.”