Septic- Trench system

I was just asked about a “trench system”, It seems a local (franchised) septic company emptied/inspected a septic system. They called it “sufficient and operational” yet later on also stated “does not meet today’s standards” they didn’t sign or date the invoice. I referred them to another septic guy as I have no knowledge of this type of system.

My question is does anyone heard of this type of septic system? and if so can you provide some information as to how this system functions, aside from the fact SH** rolls down hill, trench is “field” and what ever smarta** comments others may have:mrgreen:
I’m not inspecting,certifying, repairing anything … just looking for some info for personal knowledge.
Thank you in advance.

Not a septic expert, but I believe the difference is how the drainage media is setup. Trench or Bed. The difference is evident from the names, but here are photos.

this help?