Septic & Well Inspection Training

I’m looking to add septic and well inspections. I can’t seem to find the necessary training. Where can I get it?

Someone suggested Joe Farsetta but I called and e-mailed him many times over two months and I can’t make it happen. Others have explained the high liability involved in septic inspections, but my competition is doing it so I feel I need to offer the same services.

Hello David,

Here are some links you might want to look into for septic training.

Pennsylvania as a whole does not have regulations for well inspections. There are several counties though that have their own guidlines and must be tested by a licensed well driller. Check into the area that you will be working and see what the city and county laws are pertaining to well inspections and sampling.


Excellent information, I just want to add, I’ve heard that ESA ( ) has a small/basic course. BTW, you mention well water, but do you know if there is any Pa state requirements for septic?

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National Association of Wastewater Transporters teaches classes across the US. NAWT Schedule

Also the National Onsight Residential Wastewater Association will have some information on classes. I am member of NOWRA. A decent organization. I think The “R” means residentail, not sure.