Serious about gardening

These people were serious about there gardening. special watering valves. This greenhouse had 2 swamp coolers, 1 gas furnace, deionized (DI) water system

Mary Jane is BIG money…

It was full of dead iris plants and orchids

I was joking, but that is just the 'front" to make it all look legit.

Or maybe, like me, they are just doomsday preppers.

Nick, somehow I figured you were a prepper. Dont mean it in a bad way.

Thanks to Nick’s Big Survival List](, I’m fully prepared for December 21st, 2012.

Thats one hell of a list. I would need another home or bunker to store that much

I thought the idea of being a prepper was to be ready BEFORE, your about 4 months late.:mrgreen:

Maybe prepping was a big waste of my time and money. Maybe.

Awesome are you really set up or is that just the perfect list.

Great info and thanks for posting it.

I wish I had the funds to be that prepared as I certainly would in todays world.

Collect over time. Procure the items that get you through the first 24 hours first (defense and water). Then 3 days. Then 7 days.

Defense and water I am good on. I use delivered 5 gallon bottled water and always have around 12+ 5 gallon containers on hand plus filtering options. Defense I have covered. Food I can shoot or catch if really necessary. We have a likely 3 to 5 days worth of food on hand anyhow. It would be helpful to have some long term food storage stuff but I do not have the extra money to invest at this moment. Like you said defense and water are the most important.

I’m somewhat prepared :slight_smile:

If you have stored plenty of water (way more than you probably think you need), guns and ammo, you have 99% of the list. All the rest amounts to the final 1% in terms of what’s really important to surviving.

I need to get InterNACHI’s Residential Code Exam Prep Flash Cards for entertainment :slight_smile: