Serious Decay

Any example of what elevated vegetation (bushes) packed firmly against the exterior and surrounded by a retaining wall might do after decades of saturation, pressure and freeze - thaw cycles. :shock:




What’s the deal with the booster pump set up?

Home at one time oil heated. I believe this to be the booster for the old furnace. For the last 50 years or so it’s been steam heat.

If the valve marked “Bypass?” is closed it would seem to be a system still in use.


I don’t know about the valve positioning, but the steam boiler is and has been supplying heat to the home’s radiators for many years. The booster and oil tank were disclaimed from the inspection.

Old oil furnace to the far right and steam boiler in the foreground. Asbestos and all. :smiley:

Utility Room.JPG


Unreal…and here I thought I had a rough job…:lol: :lol:…with a couple stucco and roof issues…:lol:

I would have to think you guys inspecting all that old crap up north would need to charge a minimum of $1,000.00 per inspection…compared to our slab on grade, stucco, tile roofed shacks in the southwest…:shock:

Damn it must take a long time to do those reports…:shock:

My inspection fee was fair, but what’s killing me on this one is the report time. Live and learn. :cool:

Define “fair”. Come on Erol, fess up!

I hope this helps, but it probably won’t. :mrgreen: