Seriously considering starting home inspection business

I have been doing commercial loss control and lender inspections for 3 years now. These types of inspections are definitely not as involved as a home inspection. My surveys of buildings are basic such as checking amps on an electrical system, checking for overloaded or tripped circuit breakers, ascertaining type of heating and plumbing systems as well as the roof and age of all utilities, verifying water heater is strapped, type of construction, sprinkler system specs, etc.

I feel very confident in what I do and I am an entrepreneur. I posted in here a few years ago when I was just starting out, so was quite overwhelmed with all of the information I was given. Now that I have been in the industry for a few years I am ready to start my own home inspection business and work for myself instead of 'da man.


Where to go from here? First I need to get certified. I researched Allied a while back and they seemed very legitimate. I live in an urban area so I would like to be certified for condo/ TIC/ multi unit dwelling inspections as well as single family homes. I am looking for a course that will train me in all aspects of the business especially legality and contract writing. I am a very bright guy and have a professional demeanor. I am more about quality over quantity.

Hopefully this very basic discussion can start me on my path.

Oh, and what do you inspectors do to make your work “exciting?” How many hours do you spend on the computer typing up each report? I dread sitting at the computer for hours monotonously pecking away at the laptop.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well Tyler
It is a good Business but it can be a slow one.
Take your time in checking it out. ask around.
There is good information on this site.

I agree with you Wayne. Make sure you check it out in your area and good luck.

The toughest part of my job is coming into terms that it is my job to hand out the bad news. I do it almost everyday. I just take my occasional butt chewing knowing it is my job.
The report writing is the worst part. The best part is keeping somebody from making a bad purchase.

One other thing Tyler you could show up in a thong that would lighten things up.And get a few giggles. But it might be a little hard to crawl under the home in.

First thing is to check your local area and competition numbers. Do a search on “find and inspector” to the left of this message. That is one organization. Then check the ashi board and do a google search for your area. Take a look at what your competitors are charging and whether you could live on that income.

If the local price is only $200 per inspection, how many inspections will you need on a daily or weekly basis to live on?

Before you believe all the schools that say you can earn $75k a year, perform your due diligence and start calling around. While this message board can be a great source of information, I would venture to say that less than 10% of the membership visits or posts on a regular basis.


I am a new inspector in a similar market as you (Vegas). It took me about five months to get everything up and running so be ready for that. Of course do all the research you can on all the competition in your area. As for the income, in our type of market area you can make a KILLING! I was fortunate to hook up with a guy in my area as sort of a mentor type yet I’m getting paid to help. The person I’m working with was one of the 1st 25 inspectors in Vegas so he’s very established but just to give you an idea he is doing 3-4 inspections a day at $300+ a pop, 6 days a week…do the math!!! Make as many friends in the industry as you can; it seems like a brotherhood. Check with your local board of Realtors and they can probably help in finding a good school. If it’s anything like Vegas then schooling for inspections, lenders and real estate are all done at the same school and licensed through the same govt. entity. GOOD LUCK!

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plan on spending several thousand dollars for training, tools, insurance, marketing ect. You will need a bankroll and or a good job on the side

Movin’ to Vegas!!! can make a lot of $$$$$ and lose it on the same day if I want. Bonus…there’s no snow there!

Now 3-4 inspections/day definitely leaves me to question the quality of both the inspection and the report!!

Robert is correct, for a few months at least in this economy.

Move to a state with a home inspector licensing law, then quickly meet the minimum criteria…usually a class and a test of some sort…and pay a fee.

You will instantly achieve the same credentials as the most experienced inspector in your area. Your license and his will be no different to the public who will simply be trained by real estate agents to select a “licensed home inspector”.

That’s the quickest and easiest way to get yourself positioned to be marketed as a “professional”. Keep this secret to yourself, though. We try to fool consumers and politicians into accepting these laws as a means of “protecting the consumer”. It sells better that way.

Good luck.

Funny, but true!!

Thanks for the information. You all seem very eager to help out a newbie, probably more so knowing I’m not competing in your territory. Very excited to start researching. I do have a pretty lucrative job on the side as an insurance inspector ($30+ per hour) so that can get me through the slow times if need be. I am single, no kids, so there’s nothing holding me back. The inspection firms I work for heap praises on me for my work and conscientiousness, so there is no doubt I have what it takes. I also have a BA in Media, so marketing (i.e. manipulation) is one of my specialties.

Are fees set in relation to the size of the property or the value, or is it always a flat rate, regardless of size of the home? I’m hoping to get something up and running by the fall, once I pay off Uncle Sam I can start saving up for classes, insurance, etc.

Size of property. I wish it was by price. Too many bonehead inspectors doing it by size to get the by price thing working. They are letting their Realtors set their price. Most even allow the Realtors to tell them what to put on their reports. Sad but true.

Also if you want to be successful, join InterNACHI. The best money ever spent.

Tyler, join InterNACHI (this here group here hey), take one of their pre-licensing courses even if your state doesn’t require one and after you finish see if you still want to do this. It’s an inexpensive way to dip your toe in the water; I finished the 145 hr online licensing course myself this morning and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

If you still want to go for it then be prepared to invest in your business, and learn about a whoooole lot more about not only inspecting homes but running a business in general if you haven’t run one before.

Being a small business person can be very rewarding, but it is also extremely difficult as well. It’s not for everyone, but, for those for whom it is there is absolutely no substitute for “starving for yourself” (a term coined by an old girlfriend’s mother and told to me back in 1984) and you’ll be ruined for life; never being able to work for ‘da man’ ever again for any length of time.

There are lots of smart people on this Board who can and are willing help you with home inspection issues and information, and some willing to share general business ideas too. So hang out here and see what you can learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how dumb or trivial they may seem. Someone will help.

Best of luck. I’ve owned small 2 businesses (plus a racing operation) before landing here so if I can help you with any general business or marketing stuff feel free to ask me, even privately if that’s more comfortable for you.

As far as actual home inspection stuff though I’ll have to defer - I’m still learning myself :slight_smile:

Al in TN